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1. What is Your Brand Story?

This is probably the most important asset to your social media presence
and business online. Every post you create needs to feed back into your
overriding brand story. It helps you create consistent, on-brand content
across all your platforms. Don’t be afraid to throw in the odd element of
randomness and unpredictability too!

2. Use The Social Media Rule of Thirds
Listen to this subject in more detail HERE
Nobody wants their newsfeed cluttered with rubbish.
Make it your mission to distribute content across all platforms equally.
This provides your audience with a well-rounded, high quality, valuable
experience. 30% news and information, 30% driving engagement and
interaction with your posts and 30% self promotion.
Me, me, me simply doesn’t work.

3. FOCUS: One Social Platform
Concentrate on building one primary social platform up first, then use it
to feed your audience into other supporting platforms. You don’t need to
have a lot of followers and engagements across everything right away, it
becomes overwhelming very quickly! Remember, it’s a gradual process.

4. Your Niche Audience is Paramount
Having a niche audience is paramount to growing your business and
brand through social media. This way, you are attracting the a highlytargeted
audience, and are more likely to see conversions into sales. So
know your niche!

5. It is ALL About The Other Person, Not You!
Shape your content to your audience and what brings them the most
value. Not what you find great or interesting, just because you like it
doesn’t mean your audience does too.

6. Visuals Trump All
Whenever you post on social media always try to accompany the post
with an image, photo or video. It increases engagement by up to 90% on
Facebook and 35% on Twitter!

7. Engagements Are More Important Than Followers
Businesses feel that followers are the most important metric to measure
on social media. It's helpful, but you also need engagement! It's always
better to have 500 followers that care about your product over 5,000
followers who don't. Remember, it is ALWAYS quality over quantity. If you
need help with this one CONTACT us for your free social media audit!

8. ### Hashtags ###
Try to avoid using hashtags on Facebook and Twitter. They never really
took off on Facebook and on Twitter, they seem to attract spam bots.
(Although, they work fairly well on Twitter’s trending topics of that day.)
Instagram, however, is a different story – definitely use them! Hashtags
are like the plumbing – they are essential but they sure do look ugly.
(thanks to Gary Vee for that quote)

9. Content is King, Context is God
Treat each social platform individually and respect the format. You
wouldn't post an entire blog article in a Facebook update, post a 10
second video on YouTube or share an extremely long link on Twitter.

10. Posting Nothing is Better Than Posting Poor Content
Sometimes its better to stay quiet on social media. You want your
business or brand to stay consistent as possible with the highest quality
content you can put out. You don’t want to spam people with constant
news stories, asking the same type of question or sharing cat memes.

Thanks! Don’t forget to CONTACT us for your free social media audit!
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